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Update by user Sep 02, 2011


I would like to retract this complaint. I finally got a response from Dimpleart. He stated that they never got my previous emails. I find that hard to believe, but hey it happens. He responded and told me he would refund my money. I stated that I\'d rather not get a refund, but the art work I asked for. He obliged right away. I have the new artwork in hand, although I do like the original better.

As I stated in my original complaint, their art work really is top notch.

Thanks for letting me vent.


Update by user Aug 30, 2011

It\'s been more than a month since I filed this complain against and since I last contacted Dimple Art about my complaint. I still have not received any response from DimpleArt whatsoever.

If you want to purchase from them, just be aware that the art work will take longer than they said it will AND you will never get a response from them if you are unhappy in any way. My suggestion, AVOID!

Original review posted by user Jul 28, 2011

I purchased a caricature from out of thailand. Their artwork was top notch and the price was excellent. i needed the caricature for my new company logo. I ordered a caricature and paid for Medium Exaggeration. The website claims, 100% satisfaction guaranteed and Get your Caricature fast...

I placed my order on July 7 and had not heard anything so after 8 days. I emailed them to ask where my caricature was. I got the following response...

On Fri, Jul 15, 2011 at 11:52 PM, wrote:

Hi Renee,

I'm so sorry for the delay to complete your order. Now, your caricature's still being processed. But, it's almost done. You can expect to see it very soon.

I will send you the notification email once it's completed.

Sorry again. Please accept my sincere apologize.

All the best,

Tanapon Subsomboon



After a few more days when I was just about to email them again I got an email that stated my caricature was complete. When I looked at the art work, although it is pretty good, it was not what I paid for. I received no exaggeration at all.

I emailed them within a few minutes after they sent it to me on July 19 and they did not respond. I emailed them again on July 21, again no response. I emailed them again on the 26th and said that if they did not respond to my inquiry I would post negative reviews. They still have not responded. Although the ar is good, if it is not what you had expected, oh well. Their claims for 100% satisfaction guaranteed is a lie, not to mention they have a link on their site for "Live Help" that when clicked takes you back to their home page.

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I am in the process of getting my caricature from Dimpleart. Its a scam.

Its not an artist doing your work. They give you 3 choices of exaggeration. I chose the 3rd level (heavy exaggeration). My caricature looks almost exactly like the picture I sent only in cartoon form, no exaggeration.

That is because an artist does not "draw" it! Its done by a computer taking your picture and just manipulating what it sees into a cartoon form. It has no capability to "exaggerate" When I got the first caricature,I asked them to change it to full exaggeration like I ordered, and they sent back the same exact picture only with a bump on my head! Nothing else changed.

Every response I got back, ( it took over a week to get a response), was a form response, I asked questions that were never answered. That is because its a computer generated reply that looks for key words to know which reply to send back. I rejected the second bump on the head picture and asked for them to send the picture and merchandise of the first picture. I am sure the computer read my letter wrong and that I was happy with the redone version and will send me that one.

Time will tell.

Again, for $35, if you only want a computer enhanced caricature and poor communication, that is all your getting. Its a Thailand based company, that explains it all.


Thank you Sally. Unfortunately you cannot retract your report once it's made.

I agree that they have been WAY better since I first filed the complaint. They are much more receptive to emails and their customer service is improved. But one thing I stated, even in my initial complaint is that their art work is TOP NOTCH!

Thank you again for sharing your positive remarks! I am now a HUGE advocate for!


I love Dimpleart's work its the best by far!

I did have problems with them not replying to my emails, I read this site and got worried, they have replied to me since and explained that they are in the middle of major floods in Thailand where they are based.

I had not seen the news for a few days so didn't know that.

I am waiting for my posters to arrive but have got two of my drawings in my members area and I am more then happy with them, I had trouble uploading photos for another two drawings so they were kind enough to do orders for me by email and will setup a way of payment. so far they have been great to me and I just wanted to share this incase other read the bad reviews and miss out on ordering great drawings at such a great price....Well done Dimpleart :)


Guarantee is a lie. Takes a long time to get product and they don't respond to email inquiries.

Product was for going away party for co-worker. Party occurred, never got product.


They are inefficient and inconsiderate. I ordered my caricature product in late July and its now mid September and still have not received it.

Their delivery estimates are misleading and their customer service is appalling.

They won't reply to emails and i'm extremely disappointed they ruined birthday present by being late. Birthday is over and still have not received anything!!!

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